O'Kaylyn Farms Standard Poodles

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From time to time we may have rescued adults in need of loving homes. If you are looking for an adult Standard Poodle drop me a line even if I do not have any listed here I may know of one in need, I keep a waiting list for adults and notify you when something comes thru or if I see something. When emailing about an adult please include your location.

OR if you have a Standard poodle who you can no longer keep for any reason please contact us, it does NOT have to be one of our dogs we are always ready to help a Standard poodle in need! 

Watch our facebook page for up to the minute leads on adult dogs in need of new homes, Standard Poodles do go quickly so if you are considering adopting an adult in need please move quickly to make contact.

In 2017 when all was said and done we rescued 17 Red and apricot miniature poodles from a bad situation, a puppy mill. What a heartbreaking and heartwarming experience it was for my husband and I, never have I seen such sad little creatures, all they knew were a life in a cage, sitting in their own feces, not much socialization.

 We vetted them, cleaned them up, got rid of their fleas, dewormed them and gave them their vaccines and most of all showed them love that they had never known. The first group seen below had been the worst as they were old enough to remember what happened to them, the second group were young puppies but still in very sad condition. I am happy to say that all the Rescue Reds have found amazing loving homes and the puppy mill was shutting their doors! We have been asked if we would open our hearts again to help poodle rescues and the answer will always be YES!

 17 lives have changed and we are proud to be a part of that.

                                   If you breed, then rescue, save a life.

You know you are a dog person when...
You can't see out the passenger side of the windshield
because there are nose-prints all over the inside.

July 2017RED MINIATURE PUPPIES RESCUED! We are assisting in the care and placement of 7 miniature poodle puppies that range in age from 8 weeks to 18 months. Currently there are 2 boys and 2 girls still available, they have natural tails, and front dews, they will have their shots in process, worming, grooming, spay and neuter. these are beautiful puppies that have had a ruff start in life, we are working on house training and socialization, poodles tend to be very forgiving dogs by nature especially puppies. We are not placing them with families with small children because of their sheltered start, if you have a quiet home and time to devote lots of love to these babies please consider adoption, they love to cuddle and are soaking up the love they have never had before. fee is $250 ea. They will be small minis only about 12 inches tall when full grown.





Delilah's happy ending

 Thank you to everyone who responded to Delilah's need for a new home, she has been placed in a home with her littermate and is VERY happy now!


Dove is in need of a new loving home!

UPDATE** Dove has found his forever home-thank you to everyone who responded to this wonderful boy in need!

I saw Dove's story on another site and it touched me so much that I knew I had to help, his owner's final wishes were for his beloved Standard Poodle to be cared for in his own home for the rest of his life, that however did not happen and now Dove needs your help to find him a forever loving home, read on...


 Dove's story is a very sad one. His person died of cancer. Dove's owner thought he had Doves care provided for. He had people that were supposed to stay and live in his house to care for Dove, Only once Dove's owner passed the people sold the house and more or less dumped poor Dove. Dove is a 7 year old, white, neutered male Standard Poodle. .He is of course house trained and crate trained. This guy is so kind and patient when grooming him. He is very well behaved and absolutely lovable. He gets along with everyone, men, woman, kids, cats and other dogs. Dove is as about as close to perfect as a guy can be. Dove is in Boston, Mass.although the rescue is in Pennsylvania. After many warning growls that were ignored by the adults in the family. Dove nipped at the 3 year old for pestering him relentlessly. I am always hesitant to adopt dogs to homes with very young kids for this very reason. He has been temperment tested since this incident and has no aggression issues. He just didnt know how else to tell the little girl to give him space since his family wasn't helping him. Adoption donation appreciated.

Tyler's success

Tyler was my personal dog, I rarely place one of my own adults as they are a part of my family but Tyler is a very special boy and he loved being the center of attention, I felt the most loving thing I could do for him was let him go to a home where he got that one on one attention he so deserved, once we retired him from breeding I had him neutered and sifted thru many potential new homes. Finally I found that perfect match for him in a wonderful, loving home in Pa.  I miss him terribly but check in on him often and am happy to report he is spoiled rotten :)