O'Kaylyn Farms Standard Poodles

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2016 Litter Raina and Shayne has arrived


Small litter of 2 boys and 1 girl



We have all been sold, thank you for looking, see you in 2017


Tucker & Raina


PUPPIES are here! 11 babies!!


 Puppies have all been sold





LATE SUMMER breeding planned!
  After much consideration we have decided to breed Luna and Beau one final time this fall, she is in excellent health and although we considered last year her final litter she is still very much within her reproductive years and her puppies are absolutely beautiful. A waiting list is now open for this litter who we feel will be ready to go in EARLY Jan of 2016-this will be her final litter! Puppies are $1200



 Luna's Pedigree

CH Brighton Gin Lane at LakeRidgeCH Ale Kai Mikimoto On FifthCH Lake Cove That's My Boy
CH Ale Kai Diamonds And Pearls
CH Brighton Calendar GirlCH Lake Cove That's My Boy
CH Bouquet Topaz
CH Janabaz Chanel No5Janabaz Renoir's Ice ManCH Sarbrae's Labyrinth Da Vinci
Janabaz Knight'n White Satin
CH Janabaz Angel Of The KnightCH Martaux Ansel Adams By Jove
CH Janabaz Chelsea Girl


Beau's Pedigree

French CH Magicstar Scandal Puymeras    CH. Litilann's Magicstar Lille                CH Deganna Cole Porter

                                                                                                                    CH Litileann's Livin on a prayer

                                                                   Magistar Kaylens Lens                 CH Kaylen's Cadillac Style

                                                                                                                    CH Landmark Manderly Spellbound

CH Apiele Via Air                                      CH Jordan Windjammer                    CH Nikta's-Beeba's Magic Moment

                                                                                                                         Jordan Wind Song

                                                               CH Apiele I'll Fly Away                      CH Crosscreek Ravishin' Raven

                                                                                                                           Apiele No Regrets


 Fall 2015 puppes-3 males and 2 females-sold!


Spring 2015-here are 2014 fall littermates Nick (pointed towards his champion title) and UCH Trinity from Beau and Luna at a 4 show weekend, 3 best of breeds and a group 3,  pretty puppies!


                     and 2014 luna-beau puppy

UCH RBIS OKFs I'll Make You Famous  (Shayne)

Our puppies leave for their new homes at 9 weeks old
by this time we have exposed them to as much of the outside world
that we can here and they are ready to expand their horizons
in their new homes. Some breeders feel it is best to keep their
puppies until they are 3-4 months old so that they can interact with
their mother and littermates longer, while this may be true for toy
breeds I have found that our dogs bond very strongly with their
new owners when they leave at 9 weeks, they have their first
vaccines and several wormings done, they have been outside
and experienced all the sights and sounds of a working farm.
Their mom is no longer interested in them and their sharp puppy
teeth on her tender skin and if they remain longer with their litter
mates they will lose out on the important one on one human interaction
that their new owner can give them.