O'Kaylyn Farms Standard Poodles

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We pride ourselves on producing quality family pets for loving families. We show our dogs in conformation and performance events for our enjoyment but that is not our top priority, making your family happy is!




Trinity will be bred in Fall 2017 (her spring breeding did not take) puppies will be in home raised and spoiled, paper trained and be ready to start outside training, have their age appropriate vaccinations and worming, puppies go home with a written 2 yr health guarantee, a 72 hr healthy puppy money back guarantee, a puppy care kit, first groom and loads of info to get you ready before you even bring your new baby home, O'Kaylyn Farms puppy parents are well prepared whether it is your first Standard Poodle or your 14th Standard! We are here for you for the life of your dog. Trinity weighs 52 lbs and Tristan is currently 55 lbs. Puppies are $975 each for this litter only on a spay/neuter contract as family pets. Best guess would be puppies going home in January

Waiting lists HAVE now STARTED for both litters, send me an e mail and I will send out our puppy questions to you. Please read thru this entire website, most of your questions can be answered by reading it-serious puppy buyers will soak up all the information provided on this site and show me you are ready for a puppy!


Deposits ($200) are taken when puppies actually ARRIVE, no deposit is needed to be on our waiting list at O'Kaylyn Farms! We will never push you into taking on a puppy unless you are 100% ready. Our puppies are priced fairly for what you are receiving as far as health, quality and also after care, I am always here for you! We are not a drive thru puppy service so you will not find a paypal button on this site, I want to know where my puppy is going!

You are welcome to make payments on your puppy, I am very easy to work with, payments are not started until after puppies arrive but you may want to start a poodle account on your own until your time comes, remember puppies need a lot of care that first year with vaccinations and supplies it is never too early to start planning for your new family member.

Puppies are required to attend a puppy kindergarten class near you before the age of 4 months, I hand you a good puppy it is up to you to make him a great dog! While you are waiting for your new puppy start researching puppy classes that use positive training methods where you attend with your new puppy and strengthen the bond between you and your new partner, never send your puppy off to a trainer!

Litter #2 Shannon

UKC CH Shannon is a happy go lucky girl with a love me attitude, she is around 48 lbs, 23 1/2 in tall and is now turning silver in color, Shannon will be bred for a fall litter to our home bred Luna baby UKC CH Shayne. (photo below) As you can see Shayne is on the bigger size, 27 inches at the shoulder, he has 1 Reserve Best in Show and 3 Group One wins with very limited showing. In 2017 he will continue pursuing a lure coursing title as well as weight pull and may even try his paw at some dock diving and obedience. Shayne and Shannon puppies will be raised in home also with all of our spoiling and health guarantees included. We expect blacks, blues and silvers, puppies are $1200 on a spay neuter contract as family pets and if all goes as planned puppies would go home in January

Our health guarantee covers everything we test for, it also guarantees you are purchasing a purebred Standard Poodle (no doodling here!) Be wary of breeders who raise several different breeds of dogs, are you sure you are getting a purebred? As a buyer you agree to spay or neuter your puppy by a specified age and if at any time you can no longer keep your O'Kaylyn Farms puppy/dog you agree to return him/her to me, responsible breeders take care of their own, for life.


In your going home puppy packet you will also receive a schedule of your puppy's upcoming vaccinations, what they should receive and when, you agree to follow my schedule as per your contract. My schedule is a slow and steady, one at a time, spaced apart schedule which is much safer for a new baby, we do not want to overload his or her system with multiple injections at one time.